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There are two names synonymous with social media in Cincinnati: Daniel Johnson Jr, and Kevin Dugan.  These two gentlemen were gracious enough to allow me to interview them for this post.  Cincinnati’s Social Media footprint can be linked back to Daniel, Kevin, and Dave Knox, and Daniel Lally.  There are two groups that are vibrant in the Queen City.  How did it all begin.  The idea for Cincinnati Social Media emerged from The Social Media Breakfast in Minneapolis, MN.  According to their website:  ”The Social Media Breakfast was founded by Bryan Person in August 2007 as an event where social media experts and newbies alike come together to eat, meet, share, and learn. Marketers, PR pros, entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters, new-media fanatics, and online social networkers are all welcome to attend.”

Cincinnati Social Media Meet Up

Michelle Beckam, Joanne, and Margo Rose

In 2007 social media like the wild west, was blazing new trails.  Both Dugan and Johnson realized the importance of encouraging knowledge sharing, and networking with other professionals.  The early adopters were primarily podcasters, and members of the advertising, marketing, and public relations industries.  Daniel Johnson grew weary of the daily commute to and from Dayton each day, and was hoping to find employment closer to home.  He began networking with professionals in Dayton and Cincinnati to learn more about how they were using social media, he wanted to build the relationships with the people he met on twitter.  Daniel joined twitter in 2007, as an early adopter, he was eager to connect with people of like mind.  Daniel formed the first meeting of New Media Cincinnati in October of 2007.

Dugan, and Lally wanted to find ways to integrate social media into sound business practices. Many professionals were anxious to adopt social media, but just as many did not know how to bring social media into the workplace.  When I interviewed Dave Knox, he said the impact of these groups has been tremendous because it helped cross functional areas.  Cincinnati historically has had very strong networking events, but most were structured around specific areas of work.  Social Media Meet-Ups were reaching across the aisle, and opened the channels of communication to include a diversity of business disciplines.

My next question dealt with the future trends of social media in Cincinnati.  Knox had an interesting answer.  He indicates that the next wave of social media will include what Dave calls  ”the Marketing Technopologist”  Dave Knox’s blog says it best:

According to the social media writer Paul Gillin, “It took 40 years for the TV to reach 2/3 of homes in the US.  The Internet did it less than 15 years.”

This means marketers need to master a tool that wasn’t even in existence 15 years ago but today is a dominant form of media.  Thus, a Marketing Technopologist (a term coined by the Wall Street Journal) will bring together the strengths of marketing, technology and social interaction.  They will be a person who combines the skills of marketer, technologist, and social anthropologist to study how digital advance are changing culture and media.  They don’t walk away from the traditional tools of marketing and Brand Management, but instead embrace breakthrough digital tools to create a new way of doing business.  A Digital Marketer will be as comfortable talking about new technology as they reviewing creative with their agency.  This new breed of Brand Manager 2.0 will lead marketers away from tools based on mass reach and instead act as Digital Marketers to understand the convergence of media and technology in new, ever-evolving ways.

Cincinnati Social Media Meet Up

Daniel Lally, and Stacy Cole joined Dugan to build the #CincySM, Cincinnati Social Media Group.  Daniel Johnson Jr. had a large base of supporters hungry to learn from one another , and together, they formed New Media Cincinnati. These two groups bring together diverse people from different professional disciplines to share knowledge, trends, and new ideas.  Johnson says, the people new to the occupation have a change to network, and learn from seasoned professionals. It is a great way to stay up to date on the latest tools.  While Daniel says it’s not possible to see into the future, when asked about new trends he says we can expect to see more portability.  ”…Microsoft wanted a computer in every home.”  Johnson believes that the time will come where we will see a computer in every hand.  We are more connected now than ever.

Are we compromising our privacy by updating our status about our meals, our dogs, and our relationships?  Or, are we cleverly leaking new business opportunities, projects, and professional insights, using our status updates as a tool to attract new business?  I personally think it’s a little of both.  In my own experience, I have become good friends with my associates on twitter, linkedin, and facebook.  It has enabled me to learn new tools, and make new friends.  Cincinnati’s groups are just one more way to reach out, and grow.

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  1. Ed Han says:

    Margo, great testimony to the power of social media at breaking down the artificial barriers that conspire to keep information and knowledge in silos.

  2. Margo Rose says:

    There are a bunch of great people using Social Media in Cincinnati. I should also mention the Cincinnati Women’s Blogger group which has been in existence for 2 years now.