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HFChat: The recruiter & job seeker discussion! Follow the hash tag #HFChat Friday at Noon

Are you ready for #HireFriday?  More importantly, are you ready for #HFChat?  Join us at Noon eastern standard time.  We will explore the relationship between recruiters and job seekers.  Here’s the questions for you to consider:

Q1.  A. Job seekers: Are you currently working with a recruiter, if yes why, if no why?

Q1   B.  Recruiters: What is the one thing you want job seekers to know about what you do, and how you work?

Q2  A.  What percentage of time should you ( the  job seeker) spend working with recruiters?

Q2  B.  Recruiters: what percentage of time do you think job seekers should spend working with you?

Q3       Job seekers: what has your experience been working with recruiters: (What is the one thing you’d like recruiters to know about the candidate experience?)

Q4        What are the problems or advantages to working with more than one recruiter at a time? (If you do, must you let them know about each other?)

Q5         What is your opinion of job seekers working with more than one recruiter at a time? What advice would you give a job seeker about this?

Finally, what burning desire questions do you have?

My goal is to get recruiters, and job seekers talking to one another.  Accurate and effective communication is key.  Job seekers want to be efficient, and effective in the time they invest working with recruiters.  Recruiters want to do the same thing.  I value my relationship with recruiters, and job seekers alike.  So let’s get this conversation started.  This chat promises to be a real eye opener.  My co-moderator Tom Bolt will help me facilitate the conversation.  My guests include Steve Levy, Rob Dromgoole, and Josh LeTourneau.    These world-class recruiters will shine a light upon their world, and they will help you be more effective in your search.  Tune in Noon eastern standard time, 11 a.m. central time, and 9 a.m. pacific time.

If you have any questions, ping me on Twitter @HRMargo.


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