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“Yuck, I hate looking for a job,” she said as she woke up Monday morning.  Was it a bad dream I just had? Wiping the sleep from her eye she exclaimed, “I have to hit the street running again. How long will it take me this time?” “Blech,  how many people are eyeing me, judging me?”  Stop.  Ask yourself, have I ever uttered these comments quietly to myself?  You are not alone job seekers.  I hear these questions, and comments every day.

The question is this: How do I turn my negative attitude into a positive attitude. A negative attitude will sink your job search like a stone.  So, let’s start this day fresh:

  1. Get all of the negative thoughts out on paper. Create two columns on a legal pad.  Write out all of your negative thoughts in the first column. Take each one, and analyze it, and see it for what it is: negative.
  2. Pick the top five skills listed on your resume. Write them down in the next column.  Now, don’t they tower over your negative thoughts?
  3. Check the harsh judge, and critic at the door. Before you leave the house Monday morning to begin your job search,  leave your inner critic at the door. You are your own worst judge.
  4. Ask yourself honestly: Do you hate job hunting, or just the way it makes you feel? More often than not, a good job interview can boost our spirits, and make us feel really good about ourselves.  It’s when our negative thinking clouds our rational judgement that our minds are led astray.  There’s an old saying, negative feelings are not facts, they are thoughts.  Thoughts come and go.  What we do with thoughts that come into our minds is our choice.  We can choose to turn the negative thought into a positive thought.  When we lead with a cheerful attitude, we draw like minded people to us.   A negative attitude shines through in a job interview.  Monitor your thoughts, and feelings before, and during the interview.
  5. Run your thoughts, ideas, and feelings by your job search buddy (or coach if you have one.)

So before saying, “Blech, I hate job hunting,” remember that hate is a very strong word.  Breathe deeply, and exhale hate, replace it with love, and start loving your job search journey.  It isn’t as scary as you might think.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to comment, and one of our professional experts will gladly respond.  We are here to help.

Your job search pal,

Margo Rose, M.Ed., HRD

Founder and CEO of HireFriday

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4 Responses to Blech, I Hate Job Hunting. Top 5 Turn Around Tips!

  1. Brad Lovett says:

    I struggle with negative thoughts. All I can think of is “I’m out of money..I’m out of money”.

  2. Mary says:

    I’m in a job search now and it helps me greatly to think of myself as an “employment consumer” shopping for the best job my skills, characteristics, and experience can buy.
    This also helps me resist the temptation to apply to jobs I’m not really suited for or wouldn’t stick to.

  3. Mary says:

    to Brad: If there’s any way you can stop yourself from thinking about how desperately you need employment, do it now! When you go in thinking “I need a job, any job, I need the money”, these are entirely reasonable thoughts, but even if you never vocalize them a recruiter can smell it and it will hurt your chances! It’s been my experience that employers avoid candidates who “need a job” because they take it to mean you’re not interested in their organization or what they need from you.

  4. The best advice I received recently was “if you stay positive good things will happen”.