Community: It is a place one feels at home. Community is where the heart is.  Our community is a very special place where candidates convene, find support, build skills, and network with one another.  We move one another’s careers forward.  We bring specialists that represent the best practices in the recruitment, and human resources industry.  More importantly, we aim to reach out and touch your life.  When I started the HireFriday and HFChat communities 18 months ago, my soul called out to my heart.  There was a ringing in my ears.  I felt compelled to do something, anything, to shine the light on people in transition.  I wanted to extoll their virtues, highlight their skills, and bring share their credentials with my contact network.

A beautiful thing happened, everyone else followed suit.  People were tweeting, and retweeting one another’s credentials, giving people exposure to contact networks like never before.  Thought leaders like Chris Brogan, Amanda Hite, Joni Doolin, and Gary V. jumped aboard.  We realized their was a better way to leverage Follow Friday on Twitter.  We decided it was far more useful to lend a hand, encourage a heart, and give a leg up to those who needed it most: job seekers.  Craig Fisher built this site.  William Tincup, and Don Ramer gave me advice, and well it takes a village.  A village of leaders, and a village of people just like you.

It takes a community to launch a movement.  Now that we are busy, it takes community to maintain the movement.  Last week, I started a new job.  Our moderators of HFChat Cyndy Trivella, Tom Bolt, and Steve Levy have stepped up to the plate to help keep the ball rolling in my absence.  I’m not leaving, I’m just taking a little time to get acclimated to my new home (Nashville) and my new job (Jackson National Life.)  Please help us in this venture.  Spread the word.  Attend our chats, and share the love.

My best,

Margo Rose

Founder of HireFriday and HFChat




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