Today I posted a great news article by NPR entitled “Unemployment Rate Stays At 9.1%; 103,000 Jobs Added.” The questions are: Why should you care? How long will this trend continue? and Will The Presidential Election next year have an impact on this trend?

This website doesn’t get into politics, however, the fact that next year both parties are going to be jockeying for position, a super focused eye will be on getting the unemployment rate down, job creation up, and the economy stable.  Everyone wants to claim they are the ones who can do this. Be that as it may, the fact is that politics alone don’t control the employment rate in this country.  Our economy’s drivers are far more complex than that.

According to a poll I saw on Linkedin today, 27 % reported that they thought that the unemployment rate would be lower this time next year; while almost 27% said they thought the rate would be higher, another 20% thought the rate would be significantly higher. (I personally don’t agree with that statistic.  I think the unemployment rate will be slightly lower, but not significantly lower).   I was surprised to see that only 3% reported they thought it would be significantly lower.  This number suggests that a lot of people are losing both their hope, and faith in our economic recovery. The number that really caught my eye here is that 23% of the respondents thought that the unemployment rate would remain unchanged.

The LinkedIn poll is not yet closed, there are 6 days left to vote.  Personally, I think the unemployment rate will be lower, not significantly lower, but lower.  The economy is almost always in a state of flux, and it won’t stay this bad forever.  Forever is a very long time (grin).  I think by the end of 2013, we are really going to see this downturn trend turn around.  It’s not going to be a quick fix, but rather a gradual fix.

Ok, now let’s answer the question I ask in the title of this post; Why should you care? What should you do?  Here’s my top ten tips:

  1. You should remember that in the final analysis that all jobs are temporary.  This is particularly true in this economy so prepare yourself to be mobile, adaptable, and ready for change.
  2. The average person will stay in their job between 2 to 5 years.  Start working on your resume when you start your new job, not when you leave it. Constantly build your portfolio.
  3. Save a certain amount out of every pay check. Even if you are under employed waiting for the next great gig, put a tiny amount of money aside. You never know when the next rainy day will be.
  4. While 103,000 jobs are currently being added, you have to look at the metrics-where are they being added? Is your industry/occupation fast or slow to recover? Consider other career options.
  5. The flexible worker who constantly updates his, or her skills will be the most competitive in the job market. We are only as marketable as our skills are current.
  6. You are either networking or not working. Constantly network with your colleagues at professional associations, meet-ups, and groups both online and face to face.
  7. Attend online chats.  There’s tons of great free advice, and resources shared. #HFChat on Twitter (Friday Noon ET, 11 Central, 9 a.m. PST) also, check out #Jobhuntchat, #Careerchat, and #GenYChat
  8. Participate in the HireFriday LinkedIn group.  This is another place to get a lot of free advice, and hands on career help. This is a very tactical group. We roll up our sleeves and help each other!
  9. Like the HireFriday Facebook Page. This is where we post the latest news articles, employment trends, and tips you can use each week to motivate you, and keep you sharp.
  10. Remember, hard times come to pass they don’t come to stay.  Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Your attitude, and outlook shapes your behavior, and demeanor while interviewing.  I saw a great quote on a park bench today.  It said, “I had a dream I survived, and my heart was full of joy.”  You can, and will survive this economy, and if you’re unemployed just know that we are all here to help you.

Leave us a comment, and let us know how the HireFriday Leadership Team can help.



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Margo Rose

2 Responses to Today’s Unemployment Rate 9.1%; 103K Jobs Added-Why You Should Care?

  1. Margo,
    SUPER reminders!
    #5: Keeping skills current is definitely the responsibility of the individual, not their employer.

    These are all excellent reminders of how to start managing our own careers for the future. It is a new world of gigs!

  2. Margo Rose says:

    Hannah, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your positive feedback. My points are that YES the economy is bad, and unemployment is high, but there are always things a person can, and should do regardless of the “doom and gloom.”