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Last week the #HireFriday Twitter chat was centered on ways to enhance a job search by using innovative new methods to enhance chances for success. There are “old school” tactics which are time tested and still apply today, but technology has given us new tools that take things to a new level. The virtual career fair is one of those tools. Automation does not always mean improvement, so this week we get together to contrast the traditional job fair we all know with the more recent online adventures with virtual career fairs. The guest hosts leading this discussion on #HFChat are Brandon Lawson and Kerri Hoffman from Tune in Friday at Noon-1:00pm Eastern / 11:00am-12:00pm Central / 10:00am-11:00am Mountain / 9:00am-10:00am Pacific to participate in the discussion. Here are the questions:

Q1: What are the differences b/t virtual career fairs vs. IRL?

Q2: How should job seekers prepare for virtual and IRL job fairs?

Q3: What can job seekers do to make themselves a memorable candidate?

Q4: Are there benefits/disadvantages to networking with other job fair – job seekers?

Q5: What are some recommended follow-up tactics after a job fair?

Brandon (@B_Law703), a long-time friend of #HFChat, is an interactive marketing coordinator at, a niche job board for hourly job seekers. Brandon has 2 years of Social Media experience, which started in his last semester at Old Dominion University. Over the years, he has written many blogs to give job seekers advice on how to find employment in the current job market. He also offers advice to job seekers on’s social pages.

Kerri (@Khoffma) is a creative Social Media Marketing Coordinator at in Norfolk, Va. She has 5 years experience in the social sphere. Kerri’s social media marketing interest was ignited at George Mason University, where she studied multimedia and marketing. For over a year, she has been blending multimedia and marketing for As the brand’s voice she has connected with a variety of job seekers and helped to position them for career success.

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