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Does the topic of salary negotiation make you itch? You’re not alone. Salary means survival, self-worth and so much more. How can you keep your cool on this charged issue?

As the keepers of largest online salary database, we here at PayScale love nothing more than to talk about salary negotiation – and we have a lot of opinions on how to do it well. Join our web content editor, Bridget Quigg, who has spent years covering salary and career topics for PayScale. She manages our blog for employers Compensation Today, as well as our blog for job seekers and employees, The Salary Reporter. Bridget’s co-host is Elise Oras (@eliseoras), PayScale’ social media manager who shares, follows and tweets on the latest career news and information. Prep for this Friday’s #HFChat by following PayScale on Twitter (@PayScale) and checking out PayScale’s “Should You Ask for a Raise?” infographic.

Do you have salary negotiation questions our #HFChat contributor? Tune in Friday at Noon-1:00pm Eastern / 11:00am-12:00pm Central / 10:00am-11:00am Mountain / 9:00am-10:00am Pacific to participate in the discussion. Study these questions and come up with a few of your own to make this week’s conversation a real barnburner:

1) What should you do to prepare for a salary negotiation?
2) Is it better to give an exact salary figure or a salary range?
3) What sort of responses can you prepare in case your boss or prospective employer pushes back?
4) How can you use benefits and perks to improve your total compensation package?
5) What are some of the most practical ways to improve your earning potential?

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts, your questions and concerns.

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