This week’s host is Janine Truitt. We are honored to have her host this week. I think all of you can identify with the topic: Job seeker pet peeves. This week, HFChat participants will have the opportunity to articulate their job search pet peeves, and get answers for strategies to overcome job search frustration. I now give you Janine Truitt. Be sure to read her article on The ERE.Net Site : 5 Things Recruiters Loathe, But Hate To Admit. How is this article relevant to job seekers? Why should you read it? Because, if you think you’ve got pet-peeves, it is important to know the frustrations from the other side of the desk. #HFChat is live every #HireFriday on Twitter Noon Eastern Time, 11:00 a.m. Central. Please read this week’s questions, and come prepared with your own. This is a unique opportunity to pick the brain of the expert. Janine will graciously answer your questions.


Janine Truitt

By Janine Truitt

Jobseeker Pet Peeves

I recently wrote an article for called “5 Things Recruiters Loathe But Hate To Admit”. It was revered by recruiters but initially hit a sore spot with some jobseekers. I was well-intentioned in writing this article. It was a little tongue-in-cheek chronicling a day in the life of a recruiter-but it was also a “do this not that” dialogue for jobseekers that may have engaged in my number one recruiter pet peeve which is the “serial calling and/or bugabooing”. There was a dialogue going on at ERE for several days regarding the recruiter/jobseeker relationship. In the end, recruiters and jobseekers alike were able to respectfully vent about this inevitable relationship we have with one another. Those that engaged in this dialogue came out with a greater respect and understanding of one another. As such, I would like to open this dialogue to a bigger audience and explore what makes jobseekers tick as they diligently press on looking for that perfect opportunity.

Here are the questions that will help us explore your pet peeves:

Q1. As a jobseeker, what are some things that drive you insane in dealing with a recruiter?

Q2. If you have a poor experience with your recruiter what impact does that have on your outlook of the company?

Q3. If you were a recruiter for a day-what would be the one thing you would do to have jobseekers see you differently?

Q4. In your experience, what are some things that recruiters have done to positively impact your experience with a company?

Q5. What variables (if any) do you think affect recruiter’s ability to provide excellent jobseeker service?

BONUS QUESTION: If you could send a personal public service announcement to all recruiters (use PSA for Twitter’s sake) what would it be?


Janine N. Truitt (also known as @CzarinaofHR on Twitter) is an HR practitioner based in Long Island, NY. She is known for constantly challenging the status quo in HR and championing innovative practices. Her industry knowledge spans the Healthcare, Scientific, Staffing and Consulting fields. She is currently a Senior Human Resources Representative for Brookhaven National Laboratory where she focuses on the Recruitment and HRIS functions. In addition, she is an HR Blogger and Founder of “The Aristocracy of HR “as well as a contributor for Follow her tweets on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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