This from the #HFChat guest host for Friday, November 23, 2012, Emilie Mecklenborg (@EmilieMeck):

The holiday season brings fun and excitement for many people but if you are a job seeker the holidays can make you sad. While others are attending festive activities, enjoying the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and spending time with family, job seekers see the holiday season much differently. As a previous unemployed job seeker myself, I understand how this can be a challenging time.

Also, many job seekers put their job search on hold during the holidays — as this is a time when many people prepare for the holidays and take vacations and companies and corporations close spending on their yearly budgets. Unfortunately, job seekers miss out on several opportunities to create a strong job search foundation that will help them after the first of the New Year.

Putting your job search on hold, makes it run cold.

  1. Why is it bad idea to put job seeking on hold during the holidays?
  2. What are some ways job seekers can stay top-of-mind during the holiday season?
  3. How do job seekers let their network know that they are job searching during the holidays?
  4. Is there such a thing as too much networking during the holidays?
  5. Best advice you can give job seekers during this holiday season?

Emilie Mecklenborg is currently leading the effort in Social Media for Kenexa with their RPO program at Ford Motor Company.  Emilie manages the Ford Motor Company Careers Facebook page and the Ford Careers (@FordCareers) Twitter profile, also an avid contributor to several HR and social media Twitter chats. Over the course of her career Emilie has coached, trained, recruited, and fostered relationships with candidates and all levels of employees, driven by her passion for relationship building and empathy for job seekers.

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