It’s no secret that in today’s economy finding a job is no less than a herculean task, but people all around us are finding new jobs. Have you ever wondered what these lucky people are doing to get that new position? Well, we can assure you, they are doing many things. This means they are dividing their time wisely by using many tactics in their job search arsenal.

Guy Davis

This week we’re going to spend our time wisely by covering one of those tactics: thinking like a recruiter. Led by today’s guest host Guy Davis (@GuyDavis02) and with the help of our pros, we’re going to be putting the questions out there for them to answer, and that means as a job seeker, you will have the opportunity to learn what’s on their minds, what qualities they see in a successful candidate, what constitutes a stark failure during the job interview process, what processes are a must for any job seeker, how preparation on the back end is worth its weight in gold and what steps you can take now to get yourself on the path to job search success.

How do employer use social media? Jobvite and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) have collected data on social media use by job seekers and employers. Today’s #HFchat is going to probe recruiters/employers thoughts on use and effectiveness of social media in the recruitment process and job seekers get to peek into the other team’s playbook.

  1. What social media network(s) do you find most effective to recruit and research candidates?
  2. From your perspective, are candidates using social media in their job search to connect with you and research your company?
  3. Is the communication you receive from candidates on social media engaging and professional?
  4. What are effective ways for job seekers to connect with employers and show interest in a position/company using social media?
  5. Does your company use resources like LinkedIN in considering current employees for advancement opportunities?
  6. Has your use of social media in recruiting ever caused you to decline to interview an applicant?

Guy Davis, M.A., Assistant Director of Career Development and Internships joined the staff of the Hegi Family Career Development Center in January 2011. Guy brings more than 15 years of career services experience in the areas including career counseling, employer relations, experiential education and graduate school preparation. In addition, to providing individual career counseling and group presentations, Guy works with faculty and employers to develop internship opportunities for SMU students. Professionally Guy has held positions in higher education at The University of Iowa, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and at Towson University.

Guy earned his Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Master of Arts degree in Student Development in Higher Education from the University of Iowa. Guy has held leadership positions in professional associations including the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and the MidWest Association of Colleges and Employers (MidWest ACE). He currently serves as Treasurer of the Metroplex Area Consortium of  Career Centers (MAC3) and is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

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