HireFriday’s #HFChat has been a wonderful year.  Why, because you participated.  Since the holidays are such a busy time of year, #HFChat is going to take a holiday vacation.  We know how busy you are.  We will resume our chat and #HireFriday website posts after the first of the year.


Our career experts and I will still be on Twitter so if you need us just tweet us, and we’ll help you.  I’m @HRMargo.  Also, contact @TomBolt, @CyndyTrivella, @Interviewingcom, @SteveLevy and @EmilieMeck.  We love hearing from you, and it is gratifying for us to offer you support.  Now here’s a great way to get found by people in a position who can hire you.


#HFChat and #HireFriday was born to accelerate the re-employment of career seekers around the world.  We put people in touch with hiring managers, recruiters, resume writers, career coaches, and leaders from the major job boards.


  • Write a guest post “career seeker profile”.    It’s quite easy, and effective.  Answer two simple questions:


What is your dream job?  What skills, knowledge, and abilities do you have to help you get there?  Add a picture, a link to your Twitter account, LinkedIn account, or a link to your infographic, or online cv/resume.  We’ll post it, and promote it on all of our networks.


  • This will put you in touch with all our readers, and community. 


  • We’d also like to invite job seekers in the #HireFriday community to be guest hosts of #HFChat.  .t’s very easy. 


We send out a package with tips for how to host a chat, and a video that shows you how to use Tweetchat.  We also prepare you for the chat on the phone the week of the chat.  Please leave a comment if you’d like to host one of our chats in the coming year.


Wouldn’t be fun to be one of our  thought leaders?  Again, our mission to is help you land, help you get found by people in a position to hire you. Networking via #HFChat is a great way to do so.


Next week, I’m going to write a year in review, and thank all of our guest hosts and the topics we covered 2012,


Let’s keep the spirit of community, collaboration, compassion and helpfulness alive.


Please leave us a few comments and let us know how we can improve and better meet your needs.


Happy holidays!


Margo Rose, M.Ed., Human Resource Development

Founder of the HireFriday Community and #HFChat on Twitter

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