Image credit: baz777 / 123RF Stock PhotoWhile there is no set topic for this week during the Job Seeker Open Mike chat, the team has compiled a list of questions to keep things on track… at least until the last of the cats have been herded in the right directions. These questions will be launched as needed for the first 40 minutes or so, leaving the last 20 minutes for a free for all… well not really but no-holds-barred. We will begin at Noon EST with as many of these questions as we have time:

Q1: How best should someone follow-up after interviews & references were called, but no callback to you?

Q2: How should someone explain leaving a job because of (sexual) harassment or bullying?

Q3: Why must we lie about bad bosses – how can one be authentic if one has to perfume a pig?

Q4: What advice would you give to a middle aged un(der)employed job seeker in this market?

Q5: How can an entry level job seeker appear confident without appearing cocky?

Q6: What is the most unusual advice you have heard on #HFChat (good or bad)? Did it work?

Q7: Why does it seem that most recruiters don’t really know the details of the job – other than the tasks?

Q8: With all the changes to LinkedIn, should I begin to think of another “can’t miss” job search tool?

If you have a question that you want to ask anonymously, send by DM to @CyndyTrivella, @LevyRecruits or @TomBolt. Some of us will remain online after 1:00 pm if there is a need to do so. Remember to give us some feedback after the chat.


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