Ed Han has been a part of the HireFriday movement since we launched in February 2010, and has been a steadfast supporter ever since. He’s developed outstanding skills using LinkedIn, and how to leverage it to move your career search forward. He’s hosting this week’s #HFChat on Twitter-Friday Noon-1 Eastern, 11 Central time. There’s no question that jobseekers have to be on LinkedIn: the question is are they making the most of it. So here are the questions we will explore this week:

Q1. Your LinkedIn profile must be at 100% complete. Everyone tells you this. But why?

Q2. There’s a simple way to increase the reach of your network: groups. Do you know how?

Q3. The similarities between your elevator speech & your LinkedIn profile: what are they?

Q4 Do you know the relationship between behavioral interview questions and your profile?

Q5. How does one tell others that one is on LinkedIn often?

Learning how to harness LinkedIn will help you in your job search, and Ed Han is a great resource.

You can reach Ed

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blog: edmusesupon.wordpress.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/en/edmhan

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    Thanks Margo, I appreciate the welcome!