The HireFriday Podcast focuses specifically in the career development industry, and is designed to help candidates find jobs.  Margo interviews the world’s leading experts in recruiting, human resources, performance consulting, and social media.  This podcast focuses on jobs.  Recruiters, job boards, and employers are looking for you.  The HireFriday podcast will help you get connected.


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  1. Marie Seton O'Brien says:


    Can the link you provided with transcript also launch a taped version of Friday November 25th’s HFChat and if so can you tell me how to access? Clicking over the “podcast” across the top with “testimonials” and “contact” does not bring up any other pages or videos with voice. Thank-you in advance and appreciate your time. I am hoping to listen tonight Sunday, November 27th. Thank-you, regards,

    Marie S. O’Brien