HireFriday is a great way to connect people who need jobs with people who have openings. It’s fluid, simple, and easy to spread. The simplicity of Twitter married to the importance of helping people find work is what Margo Rose has put together with her efforts around HireFriday.

–Chris Brogan, President

Human Business Works.


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  1. #Jobseekers,

    I highly recommend connecting with Margo Rose and the cadre of global recruiters that participate in @HireFriday. As a professional in transition, the weekly Friday tweetchats discuss relevant job search topics which assisted me in honing the critical messages and approach to identifying opportunities align with my passion and skills.

    It is unlikely that a #JobSeeker will find a venue where they will have direct interaction with recruiters and find those that specialize in your area of expertise. There is no silver bullet in finding your next position and the insights from the recruiters have kept me focused on high-value, high return pursuits.

    A special thanks to the following recruiting participants including: @MargoRose, @TomBolt, @CyndyTrivella, Steve @LevyRecruits, @MikePetras, @DawnRasmussen, @animal and Karen Siwak @ResumeStrategy. My apologies for any others that assisted.

    My transition has lasted less than four months and I am currently choosing between multiple opportunities.

    #Jobseekers, #InTransition and recently hired individuals should all participate in @HireFriday as this group truly pays it forward.


  2. Forgot shout out’s above to: @bbenishek, @edhan and @myfootpath – Thanks for your assistance.


  3. Amy Trapp says:

    The HireFriday community is amazing…the sincerity, compassion and sheer knowledge that comprises the community is simply staggering.

    What I have found so unique and refreshing about this website and community is the interest in hearing from the job seekers and creating change within the HR world. The sage advice and willingness to listen, is what makes this group and it’s community members so fantastic and makes me so proud to promote to my friends and colleagues.

    Grateful (former) job seeker,

  4. Dave Panzera says:

    HireFriday is one of the most innovative movements I came across in my jobseeking experience. The system itself is a great way of broadcasting your objective and qualifications to hiring managers around the world. But what really makes HireFriday stand out is the community. I was constantly impressed by the people I met and the efforts they would go to help one another. What is particularly rewarding is that HireFriday also provides the opportunity to give that support back to other members. To anyone in the job market, I cannot recommend enough getting involved with HireFriday! My heartfelt thanks to all the great people who supported me through my own search!